Age Appropriate Kits

The ‘Know Your Art’ kits enable experiential learning in an engaging yet play based activity. Art facts, activities and information about art techniques are brought together in an interesting avatar suitable for children from ages 4-99. These specially envisioned activities aid in the development of visual, spatial and motor skills.

  • We recommend Piet Mondrian art kit to introduce the concept of primary colours and basic colouring for our youngest audience age 3.5-5, It works well for preteens and adults too especially those who love geometric prints and patterns.
  • Vincent Van Gogh kits are recommended for age 4 and above
  • The Henri Matisse art kit is meant for those age groups that can use the scissors well ideally 51/2 years onwards
  • Jamini Roy is age 5 and above
  • All other kits are age 5 and above and work well for adults as well. Word games and quizzes are a challenge to all age groups.
  • Senaka and Vaikuntam are for age 6 and above

For complete information download our pitch deck.KYA pitchLR