Art Explorer: Traversing Terrains

Art Explorer: Traversing Terrains

This weekend, we followed the journey of noted progressive artist S H Raza at ‘Traversing Terrains’, an ongoing retrospective show at the Piramal Museum of Art, Mumbai. The show follows the Master’s work from his early days in Princess Street to Paris and onwards…and is an extremely absorbing experience.

The exhibit is well designed and takes the viewer from his early interesting landscapes of Benaras, stunning vistas of Srinagar to the cubist phase in Paris, and finally into the Bindu series. Raza’s paintings are bold and colourful. The resulting geometric simplicity and circles created the Bindu series, which are soothing and meditative.

What really engaged our child was the magnetic board of shapes where one could create their own artistic composition. This is such a marvellous thought and we couldn’t get her to leave this wonderful interactive space. She was delighted at her creation and posed happily with the art work.

It is heartening to know there are stimulating activities for the kids in our city.

Another meaningful idea is the conversion of a couple of Raza’s works into a tactile braille relief, which provides a different sensory experience, proving that art can even be experienced by the visually impaired.

Rishita views cities through art and shares her experiences on this blog. I hope like minded parents will find ideas and create unforgettable memories with their families.

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