Celebrating Jamini Roy

Celebrating Jamini Roy

April 11 is the birth anniversary of one of the most famous Indian modern artist Jamini Roy.

Focus on this artwork he painted, what do you see, bold brush strokes and almond-shaped eyes?


Who is Jamini Roy?

Jamini Roy was born in 1887 in a small village in Beliatore, Bankura district, West Bengal. He studied art in Kolkata in 1903. Roy began his career by painting in the Western Post-Impressionist method focusing on landscapes and portraits.

In 1925, Roy began experimenting along the lines of popular bazaar paintings sold outside the Kalighat temple in Kolkata. By the early 1930s, Roy made a complete switch to indigenous materials like woven mats, cloth and wood coated with lime.  It occurred to him that painting on a woven mat might make for an interesting mosaic-like surface.

His style of painting

Jamini Roy developed his unique style of painting, called the ‘flat technique’ using simplicity of line and vibrant colours. Roy used vegetable colors and pigments derived from natural elements to paint. His brush strokes were largely bold and sweeping.

Life Achievements

Jamini Roy’s art works have been displayed in museums across the globe.

Throughout his glittering career, Jamini Roy won many prestigious awards like the Viceroy’s Gold Medal in the year 1934, the Padma Bhushan in 1955.  In the year 1976, his works were included among the ‘Nine Masters’ by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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