Easy DIY Rainy Day Craft Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Easy DIY Rainy Day Craft Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Looking for easy DIY rainy day crafts? Kanu Garg advises on how to start crafting today and turn rainy days into productive and enjoyable moments!

With the onset of Monsoon, we see more and more indoor days with our families. The skies grow grey, but the energy inside your house does not have to! There are plenty of craft activities you can do with your little ones or even with your friends to revisit your childhood and reminisce about the good old days. The weather may restrict movement, but there is a joy in being cosy inside your home with your loved ones, creating new art and core memories.

Here are some offbeat craft ideas perfect for a rainy day :

  1. Rock Cactus Garden : Remember that rock and pebble collection from that one lake trip or that one beach trip that you never knew what to do with? Turns out, they’re a perfect little addition to your brand new faux cactus garden to put in your kids’ room.

    All you need to do is select the ones that appeal to you the most, and let your and your child’s creativity take the wheel. Paint the Rocks (preferably flattened rocks) in various shades of green and add hues to your heart’s desire. Pro tip : While painting them educate your child on various facts about cacti, the activity and their interest will help them retain this information.

    Once you’re done painting, let the rocks dry out and then place them standing straight like cacti, in a small potted planter. The ready faux cacti is a great green feature to place in your kid’s room and liven it up without the hassle of worrying about a real plant.

  2. Floating Jellyfish : Bring out your old plastic bags and bottles. We’re going to make recycling beautiful, fun and teach our young ones the importance of reducing waste.Take a pair of scissors and cut off the handles from your clear plastic bag. Now cut open the sheet along the width on one side, this should leave you with a long rectangle plastic

    sheet. Bunch up the sheet in the middle to make the head of the Jellyfish and tie it with the string. Now start cutting the plastic sheet dangling from the head into the tentacles of the jellyfish. Once it starts looking as desired, you will fill up the head of the jellyfish with water and tie it up firmly again. This is what will ensure your jellyfish floats in water.

    Finally, take a clear bottle, fill it up with water, add blue food colouring, add your jellyfish and watch it float around!

  3. Bubble Wrap Hopscotch : Especially on rainy days, your little ones miss outdoor activities and their play time. A great way to work off that excess energy while keeping them indoors and using up yet another form of waste is to create a bubble wrap hopscotch.

    All you need to do is pull out your old packaging bubble wrap and cut out squares of varying shapes. Then put your kids to work and have them paint numbers from 1 to 7 onto these squares. Remember, the squares start off big and get smaller as the numbers progress and tiles 2 and 3, and 5 and 6 are to be the same size. Once the paint has dried, all you need to do is move around some furniture and lay the tiles in a hopscotch format. Watch your children hop around and pop those bubbles!

  4. Cardboard Constellations : The one thing about rainy days is that they come with cloudy skies that cover the vastness and magnificence of the heavens above. That how

    All you need to do is cut out circles in a thick sheet of paper for as many constellations as you would want to create. Then along with your child, look up various star formations and punch holes in your circle cut outs according to the shapes formed by the constellations. Do not forget to label each circle and constellation. Now on a rainy day, you can shine light through your cut out circles in a dark room and watch the punched holes form the constellations on a wall, and when the sky clears up you can take your young one and spot them in the sky!

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