Easy DIY Rakshabandhan Craft Ideas, make a unique gift for your sibbling

Easy DIY Rakshabandhan Craft Ideas, make a unique gift for your sibbling

Rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival that plays the role of a stepping stone in the development of all sibling relationships. Over the years, the meaning of the festival has evolved quite a bit. From only the brothers swearing to protect their sisters, it has now transformed into a promise. A promise to protect, love and cherish each other alike. A promise from a sister to a sister to share clothes without complaints. A promise from a brother to a brother to cover up for each other. A promise from a sister to her brother and vice versa to fight the world if need were ever to arise. An oath that is bound by a simple rakhi, unsaid yet understood silently. This Rakshabandhan, share with your younger siblings the joy of creating something new to mark the beginning of a bond that will grow, change and develop as the years pass.

1. DIY Rakhis are of course on the top of our list. Making a personalised one for your sibling, knowing them as well as you do, can be a truly cherished memory to look back on. All you need are felt sheets in various colours, scissors, glue and a ribbon. Sketch out different elements of your design on an A4 sheet to create a template. Cut each element out, use it to trace on the felt sheet and then cut easily to get your desired design. Glue everything together and leave it to dry. Let your creativity take over and put together beautiful rakhis that your sibling can carry for years to come. You can take full liberties with the use of googly eyes, glitter, and all kinds of fun craft items.

2. A Music Frame perfectly encapsulates that sweet sibling bond and is extremely versatile and customisable. For this DIY gift, all you need is an empty photo frame, a picture of you and your sibling and a song that goes perfectly with the relationship you share. On a sheet of paper, place the picture in the place that the album cover goes, and write down the song name, artist and draw all the controls of a music app. For an extra touch you can add the QR code to the song, from your music app. Your sibling can scan the code and listen to the song any time they miss you or wish to reminisce about the good old days. (P.S. This idea can be used for phone cases, key chains etc as well)

3. Blow Art is a fun activity you can either do with your sibling or use it to make a DIY canvas for them. All you need is a canvas, wax crayons and a hair dryer. Sketch out your idea on the canvas. Use glue to stick the crayons onto your canvas and pull out the dryer, here comes the fun part. Use the dryer to melt the wax crayons in the way you want them to, in order to suit your design and idea. The crayons will melt and drip down, creating a beautiful blow art with a gradient effect. Wait for it to dry and then sketch/ write down whatever you wish to.

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