Art Explorer: Holiday Cheer in Mumbai

Art Explorer:

Holiday Cheer in Mumbai

As the holiday season nears, festive cheer and joy is in the air. Fairs and mela’s galore, we suddenly have a wide range of activities to choose from. Sneaking out a few precious hours from the weekend chores we decided to visit a couple of interesting art shows in the art district of Kala Ghoda and ended up having an absolutely fantastic time.

Firstly, we started with ‘WonderFold18’ an Origami exhibition by the group Origami Mitra being held at the JJ School of Architecture 14-17 December. We were amazed to see unique creations evolving from a few tucks of paper and magical fingers. I would highly recommend this exhibition along with some workshops being held by the hour. From tulip gardens to motorcycles and ornate mosaic tiles, this is a skill to marvel. I hoped to learn a few tricks myself.

Use no gum and use no cuts
But tuck it in or fold it out.
Oh that’s the beauty of Origami


Next we went on to the Delhi Art Gallery, to visit the exhibition, ‘India’s Rockefeller Artist’, where we were treated to a walk through of the exhibition with curator Siddhant Sanghvi. This exhibition documents the work of artist that were invited by the J.D.Rockefeller III Fund, their experiences and influences that shaped their practice.


We ended our inspirational art walk with a flavour of international art. Galerie Isa at the Great Western building showcases contemporary western art. It was indeed a treat to see some marvellous palette and knife painting in on ongoing group show on abstract artworks, ‘Lush Strokes, Phantom Forms.’ This show is on until January 9, 2019, do try and visit.


Rishita views cities through art and shares her experiences on this blog. I hope like minded parents will find ideas and create unforgettable memories with their families.

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