Art Explorer: A Curious Seeker

Our family was keen to catch the retrospective art exhibition by artist Madhavi Parekh, so this evening we found ourselves standing in front of Delhi Art Gallery (DAG), located in a narrow quaint bylane in Kala Ghoda, the art district in South Mumbai.

We were greeted by Madhvi’s vibrant modernistic paintings and sketches as we walked in. Artist Madhavi had been inspired by this form of graphic art after her (also famous) husband Manu gave a book on the works of Paul Klee. She has created her unique style of art with tribal influences from Gujarat and she often revisits her childhood scenes through this medium. Some of the works we loved…her rendition of The Last Supper (as seen in the picture), The Head Massage – a small work enthused with humour portraying life in the village, and a plethora of other works through the years.

Kids aged 6 and above will enjoy seeing these brilliant paintings.

It made for an interesting evening and we sealed these memories with macarons and hot chocolate at La Folie, the patisserie next door.

The exhibition is on till 27th October, 2018, and I highly recommend a visit.

Rishita views cities through art and shares her experiences on this blog. I hope like minded parents will find ideas and create unforgettable memories with their families.

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